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I do not think that they will lose any of the Nu52 readers. To me it seems that DC is just adding a lot of pre-52 backstory to the Nu52 characters. If you think about it, the Nu52 is not even 5 years old yet and so much of the backstory of a lot of the Nu52 is still very vague and has yet to be told. So for example, if Greg Rucka wants to incorporate elements from his (or George Perez or Phil Jimenez or John Byrne's, etc) pre Nu52 run into Wonder Woman now he can and it would still fit. Since these characters have only been around for 5 years (in DC Time but it may now be up to 6 or 7) there is a lot that we still do not know about or know what has happened to them in the past. So for the Nu52 fans it will be like finding out something new but for the fans (like myself) who have been reading comics for a few decades we will be like "oh good, that adventure is still part of continuity" or "nice to see that aspect of the character is still being acknowledged".
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