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Some manner of news!

I can't read Japanese, but I think from the Google Translate gobbledygook that there's gonna be some big press conference for the film on April 29, three months before the film's released. Are they also saying that they're brining back the Tokusatsu museum? Hard to tell from this word salad:

world's first! Even Godzilla stationery exhibition appeared in "Thin Godzilla " !
" Special effects experience studio - special effects museum - came back " in smiling super conference 2016

To be held on April 29 , 2016 at Makuhari Messe ( gold and public holidays ) , 30 (Saturday) , " Nico Nico super conference 2016 " , booth of " special effects experience studio - special effects museum came back " is decided!

Anno Hideaki general director has served as a director , to display the article , such as dominating miniature and design images in the movie TV " special effects museum " is , came back through the time from all the traveling exhibition the end of June 2015 of approximately one year masu !
In this booth , is a first step of this new Godzilla production , the concept of the Anno Hideaki general director to " Shin Godzilla " was jammed all , and the world's first exhibition of the stationery you pulled insistence to detail !
It sounds like Hideaki Anno will be present at the 2016 Nico Nico Super Conference (April 29-30) in the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba. My guess is Anno will host a booth displaying items from the tokusatsu museum and talk about Godzilla: Resurgence.

As special effects director, Shinji Higuchi will probably still be doing post-production on the film at that time so it makes sense that he won't be at the convention.
Benjamin Haines
On April 1st four Japanese magazines will all have new pieces on Godzilla Resurgence.

It seems radio silence has ended, and four months out Toho is beginning to beat the Godzilla drum. We've had a new tidbit every day for the last three days.
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