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You're right, it's better.

I'm sorry, but he took up waaay too much of the Titans while he was alive. Besides, he's the one with his own book, too!

Not to mention, if he comes back too quickly, his death in IC would be meaningless anyway.
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I guess YOU can see it as better.
How did he take up too much of TT time? He was a supporting player in most arcs until the Legion/Titans Of Tomorrow story. Then he was taken over by Lex and had the arc about him and after that sat out till the issue before he died.

He hasn't had his own book since Young Justice was still an on-going

His death in the Crisis was meaningless unless bringing him back was/is done right. I've spit out a theory that he didn't die in the Crisis but has been hinding in secret to make Lex believe that he's dead. With the only person who knows being Clark. It helps to explain Clarks lack of emotion to Conner's death. It also makes for an interesting set of stories, such as why he didn't let Cassie (his Girlfriend) or Tim (his best friend) know. Or maybe even the old amnesia route. WG seems to think that SuperNova sounds like Conner, but SuperNova dosen't seem to know her at all....
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