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“That was the fun part,” Didio said referring to his teases. “We said a lot of things in jest, and some things were misdirection, and some were true, and the best thing was to mix them all up together so nobody was sure which was which.”
The fun part for me will be watching this relaunch crash and burn. Ah, I keeed.

Didio said that, while his joking manner about the Flash’s fate in Infinite Crisis may have left some with the impression that his reverence toward the character was…less than what an Executive Editor’s should be
Yeah, no guff, Chet.

the Flash’s “death” in Infinite Crisis happened for a very clear reason.
Maybe. Who knows. I trust Geoff's instincts. Didio, not so much.

To me, it looks like Wally's kids will be the new Flash(es). The first new Flash will be Barry West, who will get killed or something, and then Iris West will take up the mantle. "New and exciting" direction generally means gender swapping the icon, anyway.
As promised, tapping out.
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