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The problem isnt with DKR or Miller(though there is a problem with current Miller ) the problem is too many writers trying to ape Miller. This goes for ALL Characters with famous runs, too often the talent following them, feels they have to try and write like Miller cause fans love that story. Instead they should follow their own voice, and while sticking with the current tone of the book, write "their" Batman.
Ray Scott

But to be fair to writers inspired by Miller, Miller's work with Year One and DKR are really touchstones in terms of modern Batman mythology that, in many ways, trumped what came before it. I mean, yes, several writers have done Batman's origin, some did it really well, but when the makers of Batman Begins went to look to an origin story where did they turn? Year One.

The stories were just that good, and I am sure, as these things are bound to go, alot of people read Year One and DKR and must have said "why didn't I think of that."

If you have never seen it, check out Ken Burns' Jazz series. There is a bit in there about the horn players around when Charlie Parker made it big. These guys gave up even the pretense of trying to create their own sound and just wanted to sound like Parker - which in a way is the exact opposite of creating anything, but they were so inspired and blown away by Park they wanted to be like him, to play like him.

I've been boxing most of my life and you even today still see fighters trying to be Muhammad Ali. Most trying to do get murdered in the ring, but they don't want fight like themselves. They want the Ali magic.

The same with writers in any genre. They get inspired by someone and really want to be as good them and end up imitiating them. Clearly this has happened with Miller, but that doesn't make post Miller writers bad. It just means that none of them have ever taken the risk to try and define the character for themselves.

But honestly, how many writers actually accomplish something of the magnitude of DKR? Not bloody many. I mean, yeah, there are heaps of good comics writers, but not many that make the rest stop and go "that is what a comics story should be."

I actually think All Star Batman and Robin might be the place where a writer can redefine Batman without the globely gook of continuity....but it likely won't be Miller's current run. (which I really like by the by) This is the same Batman Miller wrote in Year One and DKR. I really like All Star so far because I like Miller's stuff. But we've already had this Batman before. So no matter how good the story is, its Miller's Batman, in the same world as Year One and DKR.

I think the only way we will get another Bat story of the scope and impact and DKR will be when a writer come forward and says there are no holy grails and does something unexpected.
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