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I don't see how it was groundbreaking. So he was a bit more violent and less creepy. Yeah, so? Nothing overly interesting.
Respectfully, if that's all you got out of it, you missed the point of the story.

DKR is about Batman coming full circle and re-discovering who he is. It's about him realizing that he has become part of the establishment that has no place for him. It's about him re-inventing himself as an anti-establishment figure, much like he was at the beginning of his career. It's a fundamental change in his mindset that goes *way* beyond how hard he hits people.

And again, not to pick on your age, frankly we need *more* young fans in this industry, but it's really hard to assess whether something was groundbreaking if you read it *after* twenty years of (mostly bad) attempts to imitate it. Of course it's not going to seem groundbreaking if you've read fifteen years of stories that attempt to be just like it.
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