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first of all, trespasser i'm 14 and I appreciate DKR alot. I had to do a history fair project on DC Comics last year. When I was doing the report I read some earlier batman stuff like batman in the 60's and 70's. In the sixties batman was a joke. You can see why people thought he was a homo. In the 70's with the O'Neil and Adams stuff you can see batman become the badass character he is today. O'Neil's batman just needed a tiny kick in the as s to get to where he is today. DKR was the kick in the as s. And since DKR indirectly led to B:TAS I love it even more as I grew up with that
As I said, it's not an insult or insinuation of any kind, you and Inferno simply weren't there. And while I'm sure you can appreciate it, you just cannot understand what it was like or how much it changed everything about comics at the time. It was the beginning of multiple printed books and, later, collected graphic novels. It paved the way.

I made my mom look for a shop in Dallas while she was on a trip with my dad to find it because there was no internet, there were no comic shops to speak of.

And, yes, you can go back a read the old stuff and compare it to DKR and todays DKR influenced version. But you'll never have that feeling of, "Holy Crap! What is this?!!" when it was first thrust upon us because it was so radical and different of an interpretation at that time. The influences are so far reaching now that it would be impossible.

Again, no offense to anyone.
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