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The Superman boards are freaking the hell out.
New52 Superman fans are screaming how unfair this is and that Superdad has no right to replace a character they like and etc...

It's funny because Greg Pak's Action Comics had a Superman written pretty close to the attitude of Post Crisis Superman.
He just didn't exist in the same trappings... go figure.
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That's interesting about the fans' reaction.

Of the titles that I'm reading, I'm concerned. Really because I think the titles were already good to read & I'd rather not have any change for creative teams. The Flash, Deathstroke, Sinestro & Red Hood/Arsenal, I'll have to see what changes about them. Guess Sinestro will be folded into a GL title.

Deathstroke I'm more disappointed that we'll be losing Tyler Kirkham on interior art more than anything. His work is outstanding, one of my favorite artists today.

The Flash, very leery about. And Red Hood is getting new characters in it, which by going the description (Bizarro & Artemis), just doesn't sound all that appealing. But will give it a go, since I'm a Jason Todd/Red Hood fan.
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