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As popular as the shared universe concept supposedly is - and I see that even now they're hinting that the newly acquired Hanna-Barbera line are all connected - in my opinion it's the single most alienating aspect of comics. If one wants to read JLA or one of its many variants that's fine, but the solo books should stay in their own bubbles.
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I really like the way Dynamite handles their licensed properties in this regard. The Shadow gets to team up with The Avenger and the Black Bat and Miss Fury, etc. in "Masks"... but the events in those team-up/crossover series are NEVER referenced at all in the solo Shadow series. I think most characters work best in their own world, as the center of their own fictional universe (Marvel Family is a perfect example... Capt. Marvel should be the preeminent hero of his world, not a runner-up to Superman).

I think back on stupid things going on in individual characters' titles being forced into JLA... Morrison's JLA run for example, had to accommodate Electric Blue Boogaloo Superman... why? Morrison probably ended up coming up with some of the most interesting uses for that power set, but still... You JUST launched a big deal, iconic JLA with all the major players for the first time since 1984, and just a few issues in, Superman looks stupid, and story time has to be wasted on explaining the annual dumb-Superman-stunt that has nothing to do with the JLA series. Wonder Woman is "dead" during Byrne's run on her series for a few issues, and even though absolutely no one believes that is a permanent situation, Hippolyta-as-WW has to fill in for Diana in JLA. Another distraction, though at least less visually jarring than Blue-Lightning-Onesie Superman. Right dead in the middle of an already somewhat non-linear and conceptually dense story ("Rock of Ages"), we careen off the tracks for a two-page reference to the "Genesis" crossover event, which then goes completely unmentioned for the rest of the multi-issue story. Annoying.

I miss the days when the vast majority of team-ups occurred in either team books, or team-up books (Brave & the Bold, DC Presents, Worlds Finest). Yes, Batman teaming up with Kamandi or Sgt. Rock is fun. No, Kamandi or Sgt. Rock should not show up in Batman or Detective Comics.
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