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Current Rumors (so take it for what it is worth) from Bleeding Cool on Rebirth:

Every comic to be rebirthed will get a "rebirth" issue prior to a new #1

Batman/Superman, Batman/Wonderwoman, Starfire, Grayson, Black Canary, Doctor Fate, Midnighter cancelled.

Peter Tomasi to write relaunched Superman

New Titles: The Super Man, New Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp.

New Justice Society book; JSA is brought forward to present as young mystery men/women not elder statesmen.

Hub for BC rumors:
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I've been bummed about the demise of Grayson ever since I saw Seeley & King were leaving the title. My God have they been knocking it out of the park, and in a way I don't think another writer could capture. But I'm ok if he goes back to being Nightwing in the care of different writers.

Intrigued by the new premise for JSA. This would allow the characters to have World War II ties, while at the same time being younger. The inherent ageism is why every even-numbered DC regime has come in and tried to kill them off one way or another. Additionally, the Earth 2 concept was run into the ground with the destruction of Earth 2, so not sure how much longer they can sustain that title. (Maybe in a few years they could go back to the concept once they've rebuilt on the new Earth).

I'm the most curious what will become of the Titans franchise. I would really really really like to see a Titans ongoing with Dick/Roy/Donna/Garth & company. If they'd just power up Wally we could have the original fab 5 with a new twist.
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