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There was a point?????

What I got was "Victor Von Doom makes his 5,000th bid for "ultimate power", gets it, still screws things up and ends up losing it. Meanwhile, Reed Richards proves yet again that knowledge does not equal wisdom and performs boneheaded plays all over the place while onlookers laud his genius (his true super power is the ability to blind people to what a menace he is). Ultimately, Reed stumbles into yet another mano-a-mano fight with Victor who just never wipes out Reed despite his supposed hatred (which is beginning to seem like these two may be on the DL after all this time. Not that there's anything wrong with that.) and events are forced into place that allow these two to have yet another "equal" battle (because...armored mystic battling stretchy guy is always a fair fight) and Victor will of course get beaten again and even admit again he was bested by Richards (but don't you worry, Vic will forget all about that and go back to proclaiming he is smarter than Richards by the next time they meet....because he's another really stupid smart guy) and then a LOT of vague and nebulous things will happen that will reset things to roughly how they were and a lot of supposedly deep things will be scripted by yet another guy who does not grasp that comic books as a medium need action (seriously, look at the first appearance of Superman. Was it in "Deep Thoughts #1"? I think not!) and will never be mentioned again because no one really wants to try and untie that knot. Luckily this event has drawn out so long that readers will misconstrue the sense of relief they have that it's finally over as a feeling of satisfaction with the story, readers will forget the multitude of plotlines just...thrown away because of this storyline (Hey, wasn't the Hulk really smart thanks to Extremis and going around wiping out other Gamma characters and leaving the needle that would cure him with his cousin? And wasn't Iron Man kind of a douche? And wasn't Havok still under the spell of that Axis event and didn't he kidnap the Wasp in some doomed Twilight-y romance bid?), Marvel will have taken the two boring members of the FF family off the board for a while as a slap to Fox Studios for making a God-awful movie and readers will really grab onto ANAD just because it's about time we got back to reading comics again instead of Freshman Comp 101 essays with pictures in them.
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