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IMO the series ended better than it began (I'll leave it as an exercise to the audience to determine if that is damning it with faint praise). They finally focused on a story rather than a dangling ramble of stories and characters and year it was a confrontation we'd seen before, but I liked it.

Mind you I wasn't expecting the Marvel U to suddenly become a radically different place, either.

Regarding Reed creating universes - seems like its Franklin, with the help of the Future Foundation with some oversite from Sue and Reed. So I figure its reasonable to assume that there won't be a billion universes with Really Cool Reed Richards.

As far as the dead universes, just because they're restocking the universe doesn't mean any particular one will come back (nor does it mean just because a Squadron Supreme Universe got created that something didn't destroy it)

The Beyonders were all killed in the old universe, as was everyone else exepting Owen, Doom, Strange and the Life Rafters. Whether Reed recreates the Beyonders are another thing entirely, but I'd imagine that wouldn't happen.
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