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Given that everything has been put back in place same as before, I really only see the whole thing as an interruption of the regualr storylines for months, for no purpose.

I was hoping for bigger changes, like Miles Morales coming from the main Earth...or younger iconic versions of Cap/Thor/Iron Man, etc.

About the only real change was a new name to replace "616", Ultimate Earth gone, and the Richards on an open-ended vacation in the Multiverse.
I can't see it's an interruption as they were entire storylines discarded in the shuffling (Superior Iron Man? Havok? Wasp? others I'm sure). To me, this was all an overblown, pseudo intellectual talk piece lacking action, gravitas and any real impact.

It's actually sad that due to timing, the "climax" of this was a non-event featuring a "battle" we saw better done in FF 200. And hey, we have Reed Richards, the worst most idiotic genius acting as you know, THAT stinks. As I said on another board, we've already seen it...Reed fixes Victors' face, but leaves Ben alone. You remember Ben, don't you Reed? The guy you swore you'd spend every minute trying to fix (because YOU caused it) and then when you had the power of the Creator you sent to be a Guardian of the Galaxy?

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