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I'm curious: who is this "new guard"? And how would you define "old guard"? There are people born post-COIE who would call themselves "old guard," but DC certainly doesn't think so. They seem to define "old guard" as Silver/Bronze age fans.

A non sequitur, I know. But DC has desperately wanted that old guard back. Did they get what they wanted, after all?

Topic? I read this news and think about Earth 2: World's End, Future's End, and Countdown to Final Crisis. 52 was the only weekly series from DC that anyone liked. Is there a reason they keep doing this?
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They lost this "old guard", a fair while back. Those in charge don't have a clue to what those who have been around since the early 70's or there abouts people actually are actually looking for. What they give us is the worst elements of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's mixed into a stinking mess.

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