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Just got back an hour ago. This is very much a GL fan's movie. I loved it.

My only issue with this movie was that the soundtrack lacked a really strong melodic theme for Hal. A lot of the score was really generic orchestral and rock stuff; effective but ultimately forgettable. Maybe it's because I'm a composer myself, but I've always felt that a superhero should have a really strong, recognizable musical theme. Superman and Batman have theirs (several actually, if you count Shirley Walker's fantastic work on the animated series), and I was really disappointed that the Green Lantern didn't get his.

Come on DC! You had a fun script, a great cast, and some awesome special effects. Now let's get an awesome soundtrack.
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I only quoted you to point out your issue with the soundtrack. Not that I have an issue with your issue, I don't really care about the soundtrack myself. What I DID notice during musical parts of the movie is that I could hear a similar sounding tone like that from the Christopher Reeves Superman movies. If you listen closely during ceratin parts you can hear the very beginning of the superman theme music.

Anyways, back to the movie. I loved it. Great movie. It was an origin movie for crying out loud. You can't expect no holds barred action from the get go. You have to establish who he is. I didn't have a problem with it at all. I heard people saying it stuck closely to the GL mythos as well (although they didn't say mythos. The town I live in, well, people don't usually have that in their vocabulary.) Again, great movie.

Not sure what the problem is with the humor aspect like some people said. Back in the day, Hal Jordan was a hot shot test pilot, and I think the word hot shot rhymes with smart ass. So, what's the big deal?
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