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Batwoman has not been away THAT long. Nope, sorry. Don't agree. Batwoman was set-up as a strong independent character, more so then anyone currently connected with the 'Bat. Why did Bruce feel the need to spy on Kate? He could have asked Dick about her, he knows her. She was in Cry for Justice so he could have talked to the JLA. So he decides to stalk her instead!

I don't mind Batman doing the detective thing, but this portrayal of his detective skills sucked hard. I'm even more convinced this was editorial mandated, weak story telling issue, but strong art.

This zero issue to "introduce" Batwoman really didn't introduce me to Kate Kane because we didn't hear a word out of her, we heard it filtered from Batman acting out of character if you ask me.

Look, that's just how I feel about it. Doesn't make me less enthused about the series. It shows us Amy Reeder adjusted well, maybe even better to this book then I would have thought. And I still can't wait for #1 so I can read the Batwoman I loved in Detective (I hope). This issue wasn't it.
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