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Can you elaborate on why you left the book? Perhaps allude to the specific creative decision that caused the schism, as most assume it was Eddie's death.
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I'm not a big fan of airing dirty laundry, but I figure a year's gone by so I can say a little bit more.

You'll note that a couple issues are listed with an altered credit for me; that's because my approved-and-drawn scripts were altered by other parties to my dissatisfaction.

Then there's "Deathtrap", which wasn't anything I was at all interested in writing, outside of the opportunity to do a crossover with TITANS and work with Marv. The story wasn't ours from the get-go. (I was initially only set to write the one TT issue of the story but then I was asked to come over to TITANS and write the bulk of the crossover.)

Add to that that the book had 4 editorial teams in my 22 issues, and other "creative differences" that I won't get into here, and you get a fairly good idea.
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