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I'm trying to figure out how many people defended Amazon's Attack and Countdown, when you could pretty much tell early on both were going nowhere. People really seem defensive about DC events from Countdown to DOTNG, everything is just wait it gets better they have a plan. Then when all hell breaks loose and many angry fans lash out at DC these same people are no where to be found. But hey I guess it really doesn't matter if you spent tons of money getting every issue of Countdown only to be severly disapointed and feeling ripped off after all it's just comics right?. Keep drinking the kool-aid people, because DC has dropped the ball too many times for them to keep getting the benefit of the doubt FC is a mess and it will fail the writting has been on the wall for a while now. But if i'm wrong i'll be the first one to make a thread apologizing to Dan and Grant for my mistake and praise their good judgement. But if FC is officially another failure like Countdown and Amazon's Attack will any of these defenders man up and do the same I doubt it because sure as hell neither will Dan or Grant.
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Dude, NOBODY defended Amazons Attack. (Well, they may have here, I wasn't around then. But wow would that be insane.) It was awful. First tie-in to have a NEGATIVE effect on books.

Countdown I defended until the last ten issues, not because I thought DC had a plan but because I thought the story was okay. But once they all amazingly went to Apokolips, I lost interest, the story fell apart, and I stopped defending it. Now I don't even defend it even when I can. DC screwed up. It was somewhat necessary, but it could've been done better and that's all there is to it.

Anyway, I liked issue 1 of FC. I'm liking what I see in the preview of issue 2. Can't wait for the full issue. And the solicits for 3 and 4 have me seriously hyped. If you don't like it; fine, whatever.
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