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Hawkman was still a pretty good book after Geoff left (if not as focused) but it was another casualty of OYL. I dropped it after Hawkgirl took over the title (and Carter disappeared entirely from it). I don't think Simonson can be totally blamed. The Hawkman book was really an adventure title which fit Carter's history and personality and Hawkgirl was a different character entirely (but then I've never Kendra that interesting). It just didn't work.

I blame the Flash problems on the constant Editorial changes rather than the writers.

I know a lot of people like McKeever but Teen Titans just went downhill after Geoff left. The characters seemed directionless and it wasn't really a fun book to read. To be honest it still isn't. I hope the new writer changes that.

Booster Gold remains one of my favorite books DC puts out. The quality hasn't really dropped since Geoff left. Jurgens created Booster Gold and gets the character as well as anyone.

So it's not a matter of Geoff leaving a title that causes problems, it's a matter of who DC gets to take his place and what editorial direction changes are made.
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Good points - to add to this - some changes that are prefence driven by either writer, editor or above are usually very polarizing.

For me with Geoff it really varies if his work is a homerun, a hit or a strike-out. For me his later JSA pretty much killed the book for me, hoping that the new team will bring back the love that Goyer and Geoff created.

His Flash was strong, Bill Loebs is still my favorite, but I wouldn't part with Geoff's Wally run. Yeah, Editorial here is mostly to blame for the mess.

Likely they should have just done F:Rb right after InC, instead of restarting JSofA - just did Barry then - I think a lot more people would have been happier if it had just gone down that way. Wouldn't have had to live through the really drawn out - dull Kingdom issues. The Barryfans wouldn't have had to put up with all those damnable carrots and oh Barry would have been back about 5 years ago, Bartfans wouldn't have had that poorly concieved run and then his death and Wallyfans would not have had to live through this missery. Even the whole Jai & Iris concept would have been a blank slate. Here I see a whole bunch of frustrated fans that had to muddle through because back then DannyD decided that the "timing wasn't right" In hindsight it was exactly the right time.

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