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It's really funny how many of the same fans who howl that "Wonder Woman should be Diana and no one else!" are fully accepting of the retcon that made the Silver/Bronze/Modern Age Black Canary a completely separate person from the Golden Age one (and incidentally eliminated a horrible Mopee-class retcon that made her nothing but a vessel for her mother's memories - eeeuuuwww!!!).

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I thought that story was about the creepiest thing I ever read. A fine example of Roy Thomas at his worst - constructing some bizarre, contrived solution to a "problem" that he and about 10 other people on Earth cared about. Having Superman show up randomly at the end to then reveal that he knew all along was unintentionally hilarious. ("Uh Supes? Glad you showed up to add some overdone exposition here, but we really coulda used you to.. y'know... help fight the bad guy? Oh and by the way, thanks for letting me walk around for years pretending to be my mom and with memories of having sex with my dad. You're a real pal.")
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