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We do have a problem here. Perez' revamp of Wonder Woman changed Diana so drastically that, no matter what got retconned, she could never again match the personality shown by the Golden Age Wonder Woman.

The advantage of Hippolyta was that she WAS more of a "blank slate" and so there was less trouble matching her up to the Golden Age original.

The only real hitch was that time travel angle - which was Byrne compounding a felony he had previously committed (killing off Diana). It was the best he could do at the time - and like the "Pocket Universe" patch applied to the Legion (by Paul Levitz over another Byrne destruction), it wasn't good enough.

Given the situation as it now is (Diana as frigid virginal "Goddess-on-Earth"), it would make no sense to try to plug her back in. She wouldn't, couldn't respond to the other characters and situations the way that was originally recorded.

The Golden Age Wonder Woman was no Goddess, but a fully real and very human woman. Someone who could get down and dirty with "the boys", play right alongside them, laugh with them (and occasionally at them), and even humor them when necessary. Diana can't do that any more. She's been placed so high on a pedestal that she's been dehumanized.

I have not heard that the Golden Age Superman or Batman have been fully reinserted into DCU continuity - at most, some of the JSA remember that they used to know those guys, when their world was different. So there is no real comparison.

It's really funny how many of the same fans who howl that "Wonder Woman should be Diana and no one else!" are fully accepting of the retcon that made the Silver/Bronze/Modern Age Black Canary a completely separate person from the Golden Age one (and incidentally eliminated a horrible Mopee-class retcon that made her nothing but a vessel for her mother's memories - eeeuuuwww!!!).

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