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What a shame. This was a perfect opportunity to undo a terrible mistake, ie, retconning Hippolyta into the Golden Age wonder Woman. Thus elevating her above Diana. A terrible mistake. And a real blow to the unique quality of this character. I hope this can still be undone. Please rethink this Geoff. Diana should be THE Wonder Woman.

There's a reason why Jor-El wasn't retconned into the GA Superman, and Thomas Wayne wasn't rewritten as the GA Batman. Wonder Woman should be in that league. Not retconned into a "daughter of" character. It damages this character tremendously.

Byrne's mistake should be undone.

Frankly, I never understood the Hippolyta love. She had no significant storyline; she mostly served as background color. She had a couple of lines here and there, and swung her sword a couple of times. But other than some great duds, there wasn't really much to write home about. I often think that people liked her better because they could project any personality they wanted onto her; any specificity.

I understand JSA fans-who never liked Wonder Woman-liking Hippy because of the JSA association. But as a Wonder Woman fan, I feel mortified. Sixty years of history down the drain. And one of the most important comics creations, and a feminist icon, reduced to a mother-daughter fight over identity. Yuck.
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