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While I think Geoff is saying that these things still happened...

... I'm gonna say, as I have before, that Matrix needs a new origin story.

The Pocket Universe story is tied to a version of the Legion that's three to four reboots old.

And Zod is about to get revamped again.

It's bad enough that Superman met at least two alternate universe Supergirls before the "real" one but the same is essentially true with Zod.

Please don't let a love of past stories clutter up the DCU.

I'd really, REALLY encourage Geoff and DC to retell Matrix's origin in a way that hits the same or similar emotional beats without cluttering things up with a Pocket Universe (which has no reason to exist) or an extra Zod.

I'm not saying that Linda Danvers or the earthborn angels or shapeshifting Matrix need to be erased but I think they desperately need to be contextualized without the Time Trapper or the pre-Crisis Legion being part of that backstory.
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I doubt she'll get a new origin anytime soon.

Anyways, you don't have to mention the zero hour legion stuff at all. She's simply from an alternate world where clark kent died and Luthor created a the matrix to replace him. Upon that world's destruction she came to ours. The Legion/Zero Hour stuff just makes it cooler to us long time fans.

I thought the Hyppolyta retcon was one of the best ones yet. Never cared about the character until the whole time travel thing.
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