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no he's saying it is going to be monthly.....because they are giving him the lead time he needs to get it done on time on a monthly basis. DC giving lead time again. how great is that.
Chris Hansbrough
Exactly. And this is just how it should be done. The editor needs to look at the resources he has, be realistic, and come up with a plan. That all seems to have been done in this case.

Examples recently where it HASN'T been done are, of course, WONDER WOMAN (come on, who doesn't know that Heinberg is a slow writer?), and Marvel's CIVIL WAR (ouch). In both those cases, there was just too little lead time to get the projects out on time. There was no way it was going to happen. And instead of delaying the beginning of the project, they went ahead and acted as if everything would be ok.

Now, obviously, in the case of WW, it mostly only effects itself. In the case of CIVIL WAR, it is a HUGE deal, delaying many, many titles for months, in some cases. And Joe Q, Mark Millar, McNiven ... they all said that they didn't have enough lead time. That begs the question of course, since they knew that when they originally scheduled the series in the first place.

The approach shown with ALL STAR WONDER WOMAN is perfect. Hughes can do 10-11 pages a month, so they are giving him enough lead time to finish enough work so that the book will come out on time. There. All sane and correct.
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