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Ah so it was. Chuck's comment was a little more innocent that you typically see, though.

Here's a good followup from Adam:

I thank everyone for their kind words, and Mr. Byrne in particular for my fabulous childhood full of wonderful comics.

I loathe posting online as I feel it rarely accomplishes much more than a vent spleen, with no real resolution other than 'let's agree to disagree'. Thanks for letting me speak my peice.

I understand that the thread topic concerns some issues that don't relate to my situation specifically, but I felt I need to cough an *ahem* into my hand when I was singled out by name.

We have a great comics industry in America, wherein there's room for prolific engines of art like our host and beatnik hipster doofuses such as myself. When the climate changes and all must produce monthly, I'll show you all a thing or two about mediocrity. ;-) Until then, I shall revel in the freedoms the current marketplace allows.

As for broken schedules... Yes, certain of us should NEVER accept monthly gigs, as we shall never maintain the schedule. Also, the companies should never solicit before the art is done (or mostly done). There are always factors that we are never aware of, however. Sometimes companies will solicit early as a way to light a fire under the artist's asss. Sometimes a schedule gets moved around, and a book that wasn't up for solicitation gets bumped up for strange corporate reasons. Sometimes schedules are rewritten by the gremlins that clean up after hours and replace all the office furniture with exact duplicates.

As for ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN, wish me luck. DC is really letting me do my thing, and if the books stinks like a fishwife it'll be all my fault. :-) I'm supposed to do 10 pages a month (I'm shooting for 11) so that way I'll (hopefully) have aa 22-page issue done every 2 months. I'll be staying on the covers of CATWOMAN while doing this, so that no one thinks I'm dead. Laura Martin is going to be coloring the book; I'll be working hand-in-hand with her to make sure the books looks as good as it can. Check out our 2-page Wonder Woman origin in DC's 52, #12 for a taste of how ASWW will probably look. My dream for ASWW is to cram as much character & story into Diana's tale as humanly possible, with the type of action set-pieces that will make Joss Whedon scream "**** you, Adam Huuuuuuuughes!!!" into the rain, shaking his tiny fists in impotent rage.


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