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Mr. Johns,

Over at the newsarama in your Q&A last year you said,

Now that it is almost a year later (well, 10 months), Fire is now an assassin for the government, Captain Atom is being turned into the villanious monarch, Booster Gold is being written as one of the least likable characters in the DCU and Ralph Dibny...well...52 #13.

I was just wondering if the "quite the opposite" things have happened to these characters yet, or if they are still being planned and we have to wait and see?

In other words I was wondering if fans of the old JLI series were going to have reason to "cheer" for some of these characters again?

Sorry if I am being a pain about this. Brad Meltzer recently said that the version of the JLA you start reading is usually your favorite. These were the characters that got me into comics, these are the characters that brought me back into comics after a 10 year hiatus and I am just really hoping I will be able to enjoy reading about some of them again.

Thank you for your time.
I hope you do. I know of some comics coming out with the characters in them - there is a new Crimson Fox in Green Lantern specifically and lots of Rocket Reds.

Hopefully you'll like where everyone else is eventually ends up. I've heard some plans for some but the ones I'm specifically working with also include Doctor Light II and, of course a favorite of everyone - Guy Gardner.

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