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How is this even a serious question?

It's already been clearly stated that the level of violence done in IC (a Crisis event that only happens once every 20 YEARS, not in any ongoing series! ) was done BECAUSE it was so out of the ordinary in its intensity. If it became the norm, then a scene like that wouldn't work again, so why "ratchet up the violence"? Doing so would sacrifice the ability to show an intense scene like that again down the road, and I doubt Geoff would see the logic in doing that.
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Actually, I can almost see where this is coming from. If I recall the order of events correctly, first we had some people saying Atom Smasher stepping on some evil warlord guy in JSA was gruesome. Then we had Black Adam having a heart to heart with Kobra (well, it was one heart, but first Kobra had it then Black Adam did). Now we have the slaughter in IC #4. Then we apparently have the first superhero, Kal-L, the Golden Age Superman brutally beaten to death. So, there kind of IS a precednet for asking if Geoff is indulging in a "can you top this?" type of writing when it comes to depicting death on panel.
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