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Here's something that disturbs me about the whole thing: Now that Johns has ratcheted up the violence quotient so far past "Ultra", can he ever dial it back down? Or will he be under constant pressure to "top that" with even grosser and more explicit ultra-violence?

This has MAJOR implications for his "Justice Society" relaunch - is it going to be anything I will want to read, or will it just be one grossout bloodbath after another? (I DID feel that he was going too far down that road in late issues of "JSA" - say from about #52 on....)

you don't buy comics anymore so you won't read it anyway.

And no, this won't have an effect on his writing. he's a good writer. And no good writer ever feels they have to top themselves on an issue like that. they feel like they have to top themselves in quality. not violence or cursing or mature theming. Geoff can still write books without over the top bloodbathery and I'm pretty sure he doesn't feel the need to make things gorier and gorier. he feels the need to make his storywriting better and better.

I don't know for sure if he actually feels this way but I don't know any good writer that feels they have to top themselves over and over and over on an issue like gore. quality storytelling though.....that's the goal. keep progressing as a writer.

"Let's see I killed 20 people in infinite crisis so in the first JSA arc I need to kill......23" = not the sign of a good writer

"let's see I thought I did some pretty great wrk with that last arc of JSA I wrote....let's see if the relaunch can be even better" = the sign of a good writer

I have a strange feeling geoff is the second
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