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Here's something that disturbs me about the whole thing: Now that Johns has ratcheted up the violence quotient so far past "Ultra", can he ever dial it back down? Or will he be under constant pressure to "top that" with even grosser and more explicit ultra-violence?

This has MAJOR implications for his "Justice Society" relaunch - is it going to be anything I will want to read, or will it just be one grossout bloodbath after another? (I DID feel that he was going too far down that road in late issues of "JSA" - say from about #52 on....)

How is this even a serious question?

It's already been clearly stated that the level of violence done in IC (a Crisis event that only happens once every 20 YEARS, not in any ongoing series! ) was done BECAUSE it was so out of the ordinary in its intensity. If it became the norm, then a scene like that wouldn't work again, so why "ratchet up the violence"? Doing so would sacrifice the ability to show an intense scene like that again down the road, and I doubt Geoff would see the logic in doing that.
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