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Thanks for sharing that with us.

I am a little disturbed that it really didn't matter who died.

Sounds a little like..."we just had to kill someone, anyone".

I understand the scene better now, but am a little tired of the latest trend in comics...which is "kill, kill, kill - oh, and if we can have an innocent do it, all the better".

True, the improvement made the scene that much more disturbing...
I think this about sums up my thoughts as well. I still don't get the whole blood and guts direction that the DCU is taking these days, and the fact that the level of violence has been notched up a couple of mega-levels doesn't exactly thrill me either. The whole ambiguous death scenes and silhouettes used to obscure certain details have IMHO been what make comics accessible to kids of all ages as well as adults who are able to fill in the blanks. Case in point: Marc Andreyko had to write a scene where the opponent was decapitated. It was done completely in silhouette and it was fairly obvious what had happened. But the whole poking eyeballs through the back of the skull, punching through someone's chest, ripping someone in half, and punching off their heads seems way over the top and is turning me off from purchasing comics.

If the industry and the writers truly feel that this is the wave of the future, I am certain that it's only a matter of time before I stop reading new books altogether. While I can understand that this was done for shock value (and it WAS shocking), it was also way beyond the kind of superhero fare that I want to read and enjoy. I do appreciate it when there's a sense of real danger to the heroes and the fact that fatality is a possibility, but IMHO it's not necessary to get this graphic to prove it.
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