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Aw, I've nitpicked other scenes now.

Except it's that line about choosing her because "she'd affect Red Star...when he tell his story," that's been getting to me. That's more than just "she hasn't been used in a while." How many people liked or cared about Kid Devil, Power Boy, or Frankenstein Jr., or any other obscure Titan?
In each case, one: the writer. Geoff wanted to write about Kid Devil and Power Boy. Morrison wanted to write about Frankenstein. Apparently neither of them (nor, based on the last 10-12 years, anyone else at DC) had any interest in writing about Pantha.

If Pantha had a huge following, DC would probably seek out pitches and proposals for the character. But such is not the case. You can dismiss that as a "popularity contest" if you like, but at some level... yeah, no kidding. DC and Marvel are both businesses that primarily publish company-owned characters, who end up being written by lots of different people. Both companies toss out a LOT of new characters pretty frequently, hoping that some of them stick. If the characters become popular, and readers respond to them, we see more of them. If not, well... they get their heads punched off in the next big crossover. That's been the case since LONG before Infinite Crisis, and is probably going to continue to be the case indefinitely.
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