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Maybe - but I bet you'd be ranting and raving about it just the same. Look, we get it - you really really really really liked Pantha and are upset that she got killed off. That's fine; everyone's got an opinion and all that. But good lord how long are you going to nitpick that scene to death?

Bottom line - Geoff needed someone for SBP to kill. Pantha got picked because virtually no one liked her or cared about her. The end. There's really nothing more to it than that. You can pick that scene apart and microanalyze every minute detail from now 'til eternity, but nothing's going to change. Not every character in a fictional story is going to be important, or is going to have their story told. Some of them are just there as devices to tell other people's stories. Pantha doesn't have a story in IC - she's part of SBP's story, just like Bushido. That's not per se bad writing - not every character deserves or warrants significant page time.
Aw, I've nitpicked other scenes now.

Except it's that line about choosing her because "she'd affect Red Star...when he tell his story," that's been getting to me. That's more than just "she hasn't been used in a while." How many people liked or cared about Kid Devil, Power Boy, or Frankenstein Jr., or any other obscure Titan?

Niether IC nor the Titans tie-ins worked for me, and something struck me as particularly bothersome, and I'm trying to explain why I feel that way. If it's everyone's tragedy, as Geoff claimed, then it shouldn't be only SBP's story. Not in the Titans tie-in, at least.

a quick one...hmmmm.....Conner and Cassie
Yeah... compare Conner's death to Katma's, Stephanie Brown's, Alex's, and Pantha's and you'll find it's completely different.

But it's funny how easy you can yell out sexism all the time though, isn't it?
I am not ignoring anything. It's your rants, attempts to twist things and barbs at Geoff, that take away from your argument and makes it border on being absolutely biased and ridiculous. Or can't you take consructive criticism?
I can try to take it, but you're reducing things to as simple as possible, so there's no problem. Katma isn't the same as Laira's father, Jason Todd isn't the same as Stephanie Brown, and I don't think Pantha is the same as Bushido. I'm trying to argue why I don't think it worked at all, and why I think that aspect is particularly disturbing. In that process am I overstepping some bounds? OK, I'll admit to becoming overworked about it, but then so do people talking about Bruce Jones or Frank Miller. And obviously I hate Geoff so much I want him to write a good story that'll prove me wrong and make me eat my shoe.

But I know when I'm beat, so I won't bug you guys about this anymore. I've obviously said more than I'm welcome to, and probably won't make any headway. Not to mention that if 52 or TT#38 does turn out to be as good as Gail's Ted Kord issue, I'll have nothing left of a face when it all blows up in it. But that's honestly the outcome I'm hoping for. Prove me wrong, Geoff. Show me it was more than for cheap shock value.

And Chris? You can keep your head stuck in the ground for as long as you want, but someone who can write and debate better than I can is going to come along and kick you in the rear.
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