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Chris -- What else do you call making a judgment based on gender?

"We'll market to men, because we assume women don't buy comics. They are an extremist minority, so there's no reason to reach out to them. No reason to include them. We've never been friendly to them, they don't buy, so we can assume they just don't like the medium."

This is a sexist argument. You can't get around it. You certainly can't say that someone else shouting about female deaths being sexist is wrong, and then apply it to this argument. It doens't work. There aren't women buyers because no one is trying for them.

Take Supergirl for example. Name recognition, teenaged girl version of Superman. This book should be for teenaged girls. There's teenaged girls reading manga in book stores. Hey, why not take Supergirl and try to market her for teenaged girls in book stores?

Is that what's happening? No, it's being marketed for the current audience. They're not reaching out to the teenaged girl democraphic.

Going back to Green Lantern, Green Lantern should be for everyone. Everyone should be included.

Look at the answers to these questions. Does everyone feel they are being included?

I specifically worded Q3 as an extremist viewpoint. I expected everyone on this board, at least, to balk at the idea and say no. Split hairs, say it may be sexist. I got "4 Nos, 3 Yes, 2 abstentions and 1 sexist but not misogynistic." And this is not on the Feminist site. This is from here.

This is not how things should be. If we had more female characters, higher visibility female characters, female characters on the cover who wren't purely there for cheesecake, I'd be willing to put down money that there would be more female readers. But if women don't feel included, if they don't see themselves as more than token characters and fanservice, then why would they be interested?

The reason there are very few women in comics is that the industry is not courting them.
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