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Listen, Chris, what you're doing here is using sexism to defend sexism. The reason the books sell to male readers -- they are marketed to male readers. Why are they marketed to male readers? Because people assume only male readers will be interested. It's a cyclical argument.

It's the underlying problem behind the sexism in all superhero comics. It's not a proper defense.

I'm sorry, but accusing everything of being sexist gets old. That's not a proper argument. Exclaiming sexism everytime something negative happens to any female character is also out of line. Female readers and creators are an EXTREME minority. It's not even like it's a 60-40 or 70-30 split. Even Wonder Woman who is one of the most recognizable characters in the world doesn't sell big. And still, a lot of that fanbase is male. That being the case, there are a # of strong female characters in existence despite the fact. You can write out a long list of strong and dynamic female characters that regularly beat the crap out of males. Once again, DC and Marvel are companies out to make money. Females don't buy comics, never have. When there is a minority, that's what it means, there are less. So if there are less readers interested in buying, there will be less characters created for a market that is very small. It's a reality.

Females represent the #1 demographic of people who purchase and support pop culture. Time Warner kind of knows this. They would love to sell to them. Comics just aren't an attraction to most of them. It's ridiculously dominated by males. That's why there isn't a 50/50 split that some seem to expect.
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