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Yes, I think objectively taking into account all of the characters and what has happened to each, and seeing all aspects of all the characterizations...once again objectively.... would be more productive than just listng all of the terrible things that happen to just the female characters(while some people completely ignore all the positives).
Chris D.
Well, that's what I'm saying, but one of the things you have to take into consideration is that there are simply more males than females, which, in itself is a hgue problem. I have no problem with killing off any of these characters if we had an equal number of viable replacements. 1 Korugarian woman in a major cast of 6 just doesn't cut it. You need 3 of 6 to be equal.

Another thing that you have to take into account is recovery rate -- Who is still active?

I've never been fond of the fridge method for either side because it doesn't address these concerns.

Yes, indvidual deaths are useful to examine and analyze for symbolism (and that Fridge had amazing Feminist symbolism, as does Jade's death) but if you're arguing the franchise as a whole, there's larger things at work.
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