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Default Wonder Woman #1 **spoilers**

Don't peek!

SPOILER. Highlight below text to read

The issue starts with Wonder Woman being... Donna Troy. Yup, she's it apparently. BUT, she took on the mantle after Diana went on her self-imposed exile for the murder of Max Lord; Diana is still around apparently. Some terrorists are holding some people hostage (Details on most of this stuff later) and demand to speak to the real Wonder Woman, Diana, to answer for the murder of Lord.

And in the end of it, Donna goes in, gets ambushed, impaled by a villain with a sword, and left for dead with only a small hint of her still being alive. In the end of the issue, we see the police (or whoever they are) decide to attempt a rescue on the hostages by sending in someone (Like I said, details later), but they also decide to send in with him... Diana Prince.

Yea... you all figure it out. It seems to me as if we still don't know who the final Wonder Woman is going to be.

I will say the Dodson's art on this book was absolutely gorgeous; one of the best drawn books I've seen in a while. I'd pick it up on how it looked alone.

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