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Wait Kyle who’s the latest in a line of five, male, chosen, earth born, GLs? And somehow Jade is considered the redundant one out?
The only female, the only one born with the powers internalized literally the next step in the evolution of GLs.
She was the most unique one! /QUOTE]

Why does nobody see how sexist that logic is?

Her only distinctions are her gender and that she had internalized powers (Which, well, Kyle and Alan have too!)

Oh, and her skin color.

You could have brought up her personality? Her skills? Something about her outlook that differentiates her from one of the guys? You had to say she was personally unique specifically for her gender?

I mean, with Katma -- She's idealistic, romantic, and marked by her faith in the Guardians and the Corps, she's also wise, and quietly strong.

Arisia -- A bright, optimistic, young person who was undergoing her growing pains and her first romance.

Soranik -- She's analytical, professional, proud of her medical training and good at it. She's a spiritual person who respects the dead, highly superstitious.

Brik -- a compassionate, caring, person who is slow to lose her temper unless someone she cares about gets hurt. Softhearted, also romantic.

I could describe these characters this way after reading two or three issues of each of them (as SUPPORTING characters, not even spotlighted).

Why is it that we've read ten years of Jade, we still fall back on "she was the only female, born with her powers, and she's green skinned" when pressed to describe her uniqueness?
If you don’t see how out of the six redundant EARTH BORN characters. Five being male and five being “chosen”. The only female and only one born with the powers, makes Jade the most unmistakably obvious least redundant of the six?
Then you probably have some ax to grind against Jade.
And sorry, nobody suggested those were the ONLY things unique about Jade, except maybe you,
but way to jump to conclusions
I wasn’t t looking to summarize her near 20 years of depiction and publication history, in some pith little anecdote about her here.

But I’m sure since hollow Jade is finally dead and out of the way, Katma, Arisia, Soranik and Brik are finally perched on the brink of discovery! And can now skyrocket into celebrity and prominence!
Especially since two are already offing next in line as soon as the vapid male lead needs new anguish and motivation.
And the other two FYI are already DEAD! for the same reasons.
But yeah, thank goodness we have them and the five male GL leads. And thank goodness we got rid of pesky redundant Jade.
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