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Anyway, at the risk of beating a dead horse, Jade's death was an editorial decision. If you're looking for me to "name names," I can't give you a specific person because I don't know who made the ultimate call. My assumption is that it was intended to show that there are casualties in war, as well as pare characters considered redundant. Whether or not I agree with that decision is immaterial.

Wait Kyle who’s the latest in a line of five, male, chosen, earth born, GLs? And somehow Jade is considered the redundant one out?
The only female, the only one born with the powers internalized literally the next step in the evolution of GLs.
She was the most unique one!
The way I figure, Kyle had become the redundant one, so they offed Jade and gave him her powers.
A shrewd business decision, but only because he would sell the most books.
But she only became redundent after the fact Hence her lovely demise in RTspecial.
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