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Why would INS name a Czech Malvado? Malvado is not a common name.INS usually anglo/westernized names if they were unpronouncable. If the czech was getting harrassed by hispanics he would investigate the meaning of his new given name and realize it is not good. So common sense would say I need to change my name. In your post INS corruppted the Czechs name to Malvado. So then would the ring be corruppt or was it fortelling Sinestro's future?
When you first read a GL comic you know that the name Sinestro stood out as evil, right? So if you read the ED's and find that prerogue Sinestro trained Hal but yet he was called Sinestro. As a fan I question it.
So going back to the root of Sinestro's name......left handed. Even translated it means clumsy, awkward, dubious, backhanded. So if on Krougar, the unpronouncable translated name of Sinestro, is not evil why would the power ring give the name Sinestro to Hal or a earth based GL?
Sinestro was already introduced as an evil villain to the fans and comic book world, right.There is no explanation why he is called Sinestro that was given to us and I acceppt it but if you write Sinestro before he went rogue why give him the same name is my question.
So if you are a writer and you are given the job of writing the ED series and you write Sinestro, pre-rogue, would you not give him a name not associated with evil but no he was still Sinestro in ED trainning Hal and again I think it is a fault,IMO, it has no closure with me.

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