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Rocket, yeah, I wasn't enthused about "Hal as Specter," which was frankly an idea that came from a message board (I kid you not). Also in the "not enthused" column -- to put it mildly -- was Kevin Dooley, who was supposedly Hal's controlling editor. Ah, inter-office politics.

CD, Yanks are mighty quiet in this off-season. What's up with that? BTW, the Yankees' spring training/Class A facility in Tampa, Legends Field, is spectacular. That's one of the things I miss about Florida -- spring training.

Murci, now I know who the BDFK is ... and wish I didn't.

Gardner, no problem. Maybe those threads can serve as a reiminder for internet politeness.

alucard, thanks. That jogs the memory a little. One of a couple of GL-related jobs Scott Kolins and I did.

kr, thanks for the kind words. You know, I'd feel more confident of the Giants playing in Seattle than in Carolina. Panthers are tough, especially if Foster is going to be the main back now. Ex-Giants coach!

James, that Essential MK should be a winner, assuming it contains the Moench/Sienkewicz stuff. Have to get a copy of that myself. Anybody remember the MK stories in the Hulk color magazine? More and more often, a book's writer will write the solicit copy ... which is then edited, polished and sometimes ruined by someone on staff.

Grendel, safe to say that Kyle won't show up wearing the Parallax costume. At least in the first issue.
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