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I LOVE JADE!!! I think that she suited kyle better than donna. Donna wasn't really there all tha tmuch. I never did read the titans, so if there was more in that book character/relationship wise then I am sorry. I just got done re-reading the entire run. Donna helped, but Jade was his rock for a while. Thus the marrage thing. I know at the end things fell apart. Hey guy who said the writers messed up her origins because her parents SAID they adopted her at birth. Thats easily fixed. She repressed those memories. Refound them in some story tha thasnt been created yet. She had to prove herself as a hero, as did all in infinity inc, she was only ment as a side character to kyle, but she did have powers, plenty of gls's died by the hands of fatality. She held her own, and made a seque for the main character to come in and save the day. It was his book!! Of course they have to make kyle look good. Also she did good on her own. read and find out. I do not mean to cheat on this, but i do not know why she "slept" with that blonde guy in homecoming anyway. She found out issues before tha the was sleeping with another person. Why then all of a sudden, boom she's sleeping with him in her apt.? I don't know either. Maybe the writer jus twanted t omake kyle's life hell. I believe Jen is an amazing character. She is powerful, but not a main character. You have to enjoy her for what she is.. a 2nd stringer. I'm sorry but there is a lot of 2nd stringers out there, and Jade, unfortunatly is one. She's a back-up. So she helps her dad, has an unexplored photo synthetic reactions/powers.(as seen in gl#138) Kyle got taken down buy all those fire guys that effigy made in issue 142. jade helped him out. She was the hero. She was there for kyle as a person/roomate/girl/other green lantern typed super. I hope they get back together!! They have more history together, and she ment more to kyle's character than ANY OTHER GIRL in kyles life as a GL. Alex eh..donna AHH.. Jade...Ah-ha! We found the right one. She is a good second rate character. I would Like to see her move up, but we shall see. She can make kyle's future very interesting. Kyle is an everyman, jade has issues, together they are perfect to get back together. I GL couple kick butt. Even in outsiders she is getting into the leader postion. Again hate to cheat, but she should'nt be cheated and everyone not like her because the writers do not write her as good as they can. Thats the truth of it people. Example: John stewart in the JL cartton. All he makes is a laser and a bubble. He could be better if they wrote/draw him better. I'll be back to this post later. JADE has a special place in my heart in the GL franchise. Also she is a way to tie up the corny(alan is cool, but he never gets real attention due to his background..its the truth alan fans, deal with it.) golden age magic lantern, with the new corps today.

Couple of quick things I have to say in response to this...

One, I think that one of the problems with Jade is that she just became "Kyle's girfriend." You say that you "think that she suited Kyle better than Donna." I think you're probably right, but the problem is that even now, I (and a great number of other people) can only see her as "Kyle's ex." I know that's my problem as much as anyone's, but it's a problem when a female character is only seen in her relatsionship to the men in her life (be it Jade's father or her ex-boyfriend). That's certainly become one of my problems with the character.

Two, (and this is slightly off-topic) but I can't see how you can say that Jade has had a bigger influence on Kyle than Alex did. Even now Kyle still thinks about Alex (see recent issues of Recharge and an issue of the Flash from back during ID Crisis). Saying Jade has had a bigger influence on Kyle than Alex is like saying that Catwoman has had a bigger influence on Batman than his parents. I just don't see it.

Oh, and I won't be putting much in support of Jade her because I don't like her much either. But I have to say that I probably could have liked her. I mean, she was originally a small town girl from Wisconsin? She sure as heck doesn't act like it. And what did happen to her adopted parents?
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