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The sad thing with Jade was in the beginning she was the new kid on the block. A small town girl, from the suburbs of Milwaukee, naive and innocent, age 18. Now she's 25 and, like her name, she is Jaded.

I think far too many writers have made that Jade/Jaded connection with her personality and forgotten that she's got these small town roots. Just like they've forgotten she originally wasn't green all the time, only when she powered up.

My solution, let her find her old Barbie collection and spend some time thinking about who she was and who she is now. Maybe talk to Dr Phil to try and understand why as soon as she thought she was pregnant, she started to distance herself from a man who loved her. Anyone ever think she really was pregnant, got scared at the implications, and used her powers to abort the baby and that is why she left Kyle and eventually found another, sleezier, guy? That she's full of self-loathing which is why she's such an unsavory character?

Since she originally was an Earth-2 character, maybe post Crisis her Earth-2 personality will emerge and she'll remember her adoptive parents.
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