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An interesting idea for a writer would be to take into consideration Jennie's past. It's worth note that a lot of kids who live in foster homes, orphanages, adopted homes have difficulties forming intimate ties to people. Coming from that background, then having a major super-hero for a dad, a major raging psycho supervillain for a mom, an a brother who's powers drove him crazy...that's got to way on a gal. Be a great character study for a writer to get into.
Well, you see, this is part of the chronic mishandling of the character. Way back when, she was, as far as she or (almost) anyone else knew, a perfectly normal, ordinary, happy child with nice middle-class parents. And then one day when she was about sixteen, her left hand started glowing and she suddenly turned bright green. That's when her parents admitted that they had adopted her AS AN INFANT. She had NEVER lived in a foster home. She had NEVER lived in an orphanage. She had never even known that she was adopted, or that she had a twin brother (more on that later).

That was all screwed with (and screwed up) for the sake of a couple of bad stories, back in GL #108-109.

She's never been the same after that, partly because all writers since seem to have thought she MUST be as messed-up as her brother - and partly because her adoptive parents and totally "normal" upbringing have never been mentioned again.

That's the REALLY disturbing thing: why would she desert the folks who had raised her, who had been there for her when she cut her first teeth, took her first steps, experienced her first day at school, etc?

I don't think ANYbody knows how to write her and make her believable. Not any more.

Oh, and Ragnell: Jade was NOT "automatically accepted" into the superhero community. She DID have to prove herself (as did the other members of "Infinity Inc."). They did so with flying colors (Infinity Inc. #1-11). But it was all "so long ago" (publication time) that no one remembers it any more (and the Crisis-related reality warpings and memory wipes did nothing to help).

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