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Jade was always an alright character with me, but when it came to which lady I liked more in Kyle's life it would have been Donna. Jade had some interesting moments, like when she landed on Kyle's doorstep [or rather in his shower] looking for a place to stay. Later when Kyle fell for her and gave her a ring to be the GL of earth while he left to try and restart the Corps, we got at least a couple good stories with her. The issue where she got the ring was great around the time she knocked Sledge out while he noticed her curves. And the GL 3D Special was also very well done with her and Kyle going inside of his battery to stop Doc Light. Also I thought afterwards the story of how her powers activated in the orphanage was good.

Afterwards her and Kyle had the ups and downs. I felt the character went too far when Jade let Merayn talk her into dating and going out to the clubs while her man was gone. Having the blue alien woman leave John wasn't enough for the earth GL's they had to go and make Jade have problems again too. I wouldn't have been so bitter about the character had Kyle not asked her to marry him. Then there was the whole deal with her being late. Aside from that exit back to earth, I thought the two parter with Jade and Kyle fighting a mad Mogo was a fun read. Also the fill in flashback issue where Jade and Donna teamed up was enjoyable.

Haven't read too much into what Jade has done in Outsiders and Infinity Inc, but if you really wanted to give the character a fair shot at winning you over I'd read the issues between 87 and 95 as well as the GL/Sentinel: Heart of Darkness mini and look for something else in the character. I would have liked to have seen her plant powers develop further past that Secret Files story awhile back too!

I hated the character after what was done after Kyle left for space, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying her time as a friend and ally of Kyle before they got too involved.

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