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Oops! I didnt see your post listing why you didnt like Jade. I will try to rebutt(sort of) three of your arguements.First about her being born into royalty, I would argue that while her father is a legendary hero wich might have given her special priveleges her mother is/was a legendary villain. Maybe it could be explored that some people might not look too kindly on someone from that lineage(or both lineages).After all its not always easy living with either of your parents names. Second argument is you mention her getting her butt kicked by Fatality when several GLs (probally more experienced and powerful) actualy got killed by Fatality. Lastly your best argument (for me anyway) is that she has a Paris Hilton type personality. In this case I could only argue that when someone has this type of personality it makes it alot easier for that person to have some interesting conflicts with other characters and that it could be very interesting to see her get brought down to earth/ maybe become a deeper character as she atones for past mistakes
heck maybe even make her MORE of a hateful character before bringing her down to earth could lead to some good stories
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