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Alright I looked at some info on wikipedia and the only thing i can say is that she has kind of an unique origin(but then again what comic character doesnt) but there could be some good stories out of her if they ever bring back her mom.Who knows maybe she'll go through some changes, try to rectify past mistakes(sucks what she did to Kyle) my only point is that I personally dont think any character is sooooo bad that you HAVE to kill him/her to make things better (unless its Shift ) or maybe you are like me and you think there are WAY too many GL's running around Earth. In that case I would simply argue that jade is sorta the most unique of the GL6 in that she was born with the powers (also shes a chick) Also from what ive seen almost all of the outsiders characters are pretty weak and self centered (for super heroes anyway) so she fits in perfectly
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