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Default As promised...

(Caution: Unpleasant Thoughts Ahead)

What I Learned From Jade As A Teenaged Girl:

How to Encourage Favortism ("You did not earn your crown, but were born to one renowned")
--Her prominence is tied to her father's identity. Apparently, this makes her a beautiful legacy character. To me, it seems like nepotism. As the daughter of a high-tier superhero from the Golden Age, she doesn't need to earn her place in the DCU. It's there, given to her.
--Up until Kyle (and writers have seriously differing opinions about Kyle's status as worthy), Oan Green Lanterns were chosen according to specific personal standards. You had to be worthy to become one. Jade was given an Oan power ring because she was sleeping with the last Oan Green Lantern.

Live your life for other people. (Perpetual Supporting Character)
---She was introduced as the daughter of a Golden-Age character, along with her twin brother. She then faded to obscurity only to be brought back... As Green Lantern's girlfriend. Her primary importance seems to be through her relationships with men, and how she affects them.

This Green Lantern thing isn't as easy as the boys make it look. (Lesser Lantern)
--She is typically portrayed as less powerful than an Oan Lantern. She is always portrayed as far less powerful than her father.
--She doesn't come across as very competent. As fill-in Green Lantern for Kyle, she spent a lot of time fighting minor villains, which, granted, was fine for Kyle at the fairly early stage in his career, but how many years had Jade been at this? At the end of her first fill-in period, she gets beaten to a bloody pulp by Fatality. Kyle, who at that point has years less experience than Jade, saves her butt, and defeats Fatality. She's had an arguable power-up, but is sitll using the exact same power she was born with -- yet Kyle has to come back to save her butt.
--In Outsiders, as I understand, she has been present every time a team member has been injured. Umm.. Aren't Green Lanterns supposed to put up shields and bubbles and stuff to protect people?
-- Alan crossed the boundaries of reality to return from Limbo in Virtue and Vice, Kyle contained an exploding sun in DC One Million, Hal's defeated Krona personally on two occasions in his own books, Jade has... umm... umm... I'm coming up blank here...

Don't worry about training too hard or even putting up an effort, someobody else can save your worthless butt when you get in over your head. (Damsel in Distress)
--The above about getting her butt saved by Kyle.
--Needed boyfriend to reactivate powers.

Make money off your looks. (Career Choice)
--After being a superhero turns out to be too hard, she tries be a model/actress.
--She follows that up with Photography, not for artistic reasons, but because she already knows the fashion business.

If you smile a lot, you can fool people into thinking you are a nice person (Personality)
-- Attitude not supported by competence
-- Lack of competence, attitude, and method of getting what she wants (Hi, Starman, you don't know me, but can you do me a favor?") implies spoiled brat.
-- Alternates between Mother Hen and Sex Kitten when dealing with her boyfriends.
-- Moody in recent appearances.

Now, any single one of these character traits is not so much a problem. A single trait makes for an interesting concept/flaw/character hook. Many of my favorite characters possess one of the above traits.

My problem is that she has all of them. And she is female. All of them wrapped into one make Jade the combination of several unpleasant female stereotypes, and someone I truly, truly dislike.

Bear in mind, she was the only female Lantern for several years. She didn't make a good showing at all. I know I'm sounding extra feminist here, but look at the bolded lines above and just try to tell me you'd want your daughter learning that. Barbie shouldn't say "Math is hard" and Jade shouldn't be more than a footnote in the Green Lantern archives. She is a disgrace to my gender. She adds nothing of substance to the franchise. She is the Queen Gueneviere of Green Lantern.

And, because of the familial upon which the character was based, as long as she lives, she will be the most prominent female character in the franchise. No matter how many competent females tehy make, Jade will continue to get more attention than them. And so, any other female will be considered "expendable" and likely killed before Jade.

Now, who would you rather have: Katma or Jade? Boodika or Jade? Laira or Jade? Brik or Jade? Ice or Jade?

Therefore, for the good of feminity, she must die, to be replaced in prominence as "the female Green Lantern" by someone who is actually competent and/or admirable. (Having a woman character who is only one is better than having a woman character who is neither.)
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