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Just (i.e. finally) read OMAC #6. I have to say I loved the writing of it and the story but the art was very uncompelling and clearly not up to the task and level that was needed for this kind of story.

The page where we see the two GL's and Wonder Woman from behind and the sea of OMAC's coming towards them. I couldn't wait to turn the page and see just this giant sea of color as thousands of heroes stood their ground in one of the coolest battle scenes EVER!!

Instead, it was rather blah and underwhelming. What's up with that?

I said the writing was top notch, as in there was a constant sense of danger and fear in the atomsphere of the story. The story itself, on the otherhand, was weak. Thank God for the good ole EMP plotpoint or else the heroes would've had to do something creative to save the day. And I would have LOVED to see about 20 more characters getting executed, maybe even some that people cared about.

I think this particular final issue would've benefited form having an extra long issue for its finale. I would've liked to have seen more struggle from the heroes, especially from Batman and the Blackhawks as they tried to execute their plan.

But that's just me. I liked how Rucka made it feel like an ending, but with another act to follow. Like I said, a mediocre story, written well. But with poor inconsistent art that wasn't up to par with the tale.

Seriously, the JLA puts out a call and only 45(ish) heroes show up for the big fight? And Superman's NOT one of them? Come on.

Now bring on the Crisis!!!