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i recently happened to read in a row a few comic books which in my opinion were drawn so badly, especially from the storytelling side, the story suffered from it. let's say it was like seeing a movie shot by a director who wasn't able to make the script shine.
that made me wonder. i don't know if you feel like a problem like that ever happened to any of your books, but what could a writer do in such a case?
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If it's a work for hire book, you bitch about it to the editor, and he'll either ask for repairs or he won't, but it's the company's call.

If it's a creator-owned book, then theoretically at least, you satisfied yourself that the guy could tell a story before signing him up. But if there are storytelling mistakes, you either get them fixed or write around them as best you can.

i mean, have you ever discussed this side of the job with artists or editors you worked with? or do you just (have to) leave it to the penciler, and what will be will be?
Storytelling? I talk storytelling with artists a lot.

i know it might seem silly to ask to someone working in a visual medium, but is visual storytelling something writers and especially editors care about?
In theory, yes. In practice, it depends on the creator or editor. And it's possible they care but just disagree with you on what works well.

but shouldn't visual storytelling be the most important part of a penciler job?

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