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Jeff, Freshmen was from Top Cow. No worries-- it's an easy mistake to make. Both Freshmen I and II are available at Amazon or your local comic store-- although you'll probably have to make them order it for you. We couldn't seem to get much love on the racks when we took valuable shelf space away from House of M, Infinite Crisis or Civil War. We have a Freshmen movie in development, but I suspect that God has flying monkeys in development, too. We'll see which comes first.

And guys-- I can't, and DC wouldn't, make any apologies for the past, but you'd all be cockle-warmed to know that, moving forward, these ARE the conversations the editors are having. We had a whole bunch of back-and-forths that led to this Cyborg story, which actually started as one little part of an overall concept that just couldn't fit into the macroscopic plans for the DCU. But those guys are trying to service these characters as best as possible, and they're deep in thought about who they are, where they are emotionally, what they've been through and where they're going. It's easier said than done to wrangle a character with so many histories, retcons, confusions and contradictions as, say, Donna Troy. But they're hard at work trying to knock it out of the park for y'all.

The chief question I had when the Titans were put in front of me, which I think they'll be considering long after I'm gone, is this: "Why are these guys a team right now?" Pure nostalgia just won't fuel stories.

I think that's what they've got to answer before they can go much further. We'll all be reading to see if the answer is satisfying!
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